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The LaSalle Hospital Foundation received its Canadian Charter as a non-profit organization November 13, 1979. For almost 30 years, the Foundation has been pursuing its goal of raising donations to improve the quality of life and medical care rendered to patients and users at the LaSalle Hospital by subsidizing the acquisition of medical equipment.



The Foundation counts on the collaboration of everyone. Users, satisfied with the quality of the services they received are the best ambassadors for the LaSalle Hospital Foundation. All these elements are favorable to the Foundation and, in return, the LaSalle Hospital reaps the rewards.


Over the years, the Foundation has been an important partner of the LaSalle Hospital, not only in fundraising but also in contributing to its development.


Aware of the mission, the directors of the Foundation are pleased with their achievements and engaged for the future.

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  • That the income from the parking lots are used to purchase medical equipment for the users of the LaSalle Hospital
  • That since 2004, LaSalle Drive-In holds, every year in September, a “Foundation Day” and all the profits for the day go directly to the Foundation. So far they have donated more than 60 300$ .
  • That several associations get together every year and hold activities for the benefit of the Foundation, which exceeds 10 000$ each year.
  • That our annual Golf Tournament revenues has increased continuously from 6 000$ in 2001 to 37 500$ in 2016.
  • That the Association Messinese holds an annual fundraiser for International Women’s Day and donated 7 500$ in 2016 to the Foundation.
  • That Amusement Spectaculaires holds an annual amusement fair at Carrefour Angrignon and Place Newman for the past 15 years and has donated to the Foundation close to 200 000$.
  • That the “Christmas Gift Wrapping” which is held at Carrefour Angrignon has raised close to 200 000$ as of today, it is very popular with the population.
  • That the Bal en Rose held a fundraiser in October 2015 and presented a cheque for 7 800$ to the Foundation.

President’s Word

It was with great honor that I accepted to be President of the Board of the LaSalle Hospital

Foundation on April 26, 2016.
Being a resident of LaSalle since my childhood, I have at heart, the health and well-being of the

LaSalle community.

Since its creation in 1979, the LaSalle Hospital Foundation is especially committed to purchasing medical equipment. We are particularly interested in personalized care that aims to improve the quality of life that our diverse community expects and deserves.

Every donation counts toward improving the quality of life for the people who rely on the exceptional care that LaSalle Hospital Foundation provides. We are doing this by having smoother transitions and by updating our programs and spaces. With one goal in mind, to leverage our combined strengths and help those who need it most – you can join us in achieving that goal.

The LaSalle Hospital Foundation is fortunate and grateful to have the generous support from many patients, family members, staff, physicians, volunteers, community members and corporations. To date, several million dollars have been awarded for the acquisition of specialized equipment and the redevelopment of many areas. To our donors, thank you so much for your tremendous support.



In the coming years, I am convinced that the Foundation will continue its role as a philanthropic leader. I sincerely believe that together, we can make a difference in access to a prosperous hospital. Our values are: excellence, integrity, accountability, collaboration, donor-centric.

Finally, I wish to thank our directors, employees and our dynamic volunteers for their loyalty.

We encourage you to take the time to browse through our website and social media, to learn more about LaSalle Hospital Foundation, and the work that we do. We look forward to sharing our progress with you and keeping you up to date. Thank you for your interest in LaSalle Hospital Foundation,

President and Chairman of the board,


Luciano Di Sante
LaSalle Hospital Foundation

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