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Our Mission

Driving LaSalle community involvement. Our primary objective is to support the priorities established by the LaSalle Hospital with a focus on the well-being of the population it served.

How to Donate

Either by making a direct financial contribution to the Foundation or by supporting us as a partner at our events.

Become a Volunteer

Contact us if you wish to do availability-based volunteer work as part of an energetic team, dedicated to the Foundation.

Thanks to your donations

Each year, the Foundation contributes significant sums of money to different departments of the Hospital, based on their requirements.

The LaSalle Hospital Foundation raised over $13 000 000 in 40 years

each year


constantly helping


several, each year

Mr. Kamel Sadeddine

Many thanks to the LaSalle Hospital Foundation for its financial support in the acquisition of four patient lifts—an essential device that helps people with reduced mobility or loss of autonomy to safely access and leave the bathtub or the bed.

On behalf of my directorate and the families, thank you.

Monsieur Kamel Sadeddine
Chef d'unité en hébergement, Programme SAPA

Mrs. Renée Bougie

The recent acquisition of phototherapy lamps at the Birth Unit has made it possible to minimize jaundice in babies, perform phototherapy in the room, with the mother and her baby, and shorten their hospital stay.

Madame Renée Bougie
Chef, continuum naissance

Mr. Gilles Fortin

If I’m standing here today, I owe it to the outstanding care that was provided to me by the staff. I am very grateful. Subsequently, I started getting involved in the Foundation and I could see that 

they were doing a very good job at supporting the hospital.

Monsieur Gilles Fortin

Denis Therrien

It was Dr. Mansour Adle who operated on me that night. He saved my life and, as I have already had the opportunity to tell him, I am forever grateful to him. I am also and equally grateful to all the medical and support staff at the LaSalle Hospital. I arrived at the hospital seriously ill, with only a few hours to live. You received me, cared for me and healed me. Thanks to your good care, I can still enjoy life. Thank you!

Denis Therrien
Vice President | Western Montreal | Business Financial Services | RBC Banque Royale

Mr Gilles Emond

I would like to congratulate all the intensive care staff, both day and night shift, for the care I received. I was always cared for with a smile and a lot of patience and professionalism during my hospital visit.”  – February 22nd to 27th, 2019

Monsieur Gilles Emond