Our Achievements

Over the years, the Foundation has contributed several million dollars to the purchase of medical equipment. Thanks to the continued generosity of multiple donors, both through donations and by participating in activities, the Foundation is able to provide the LaSalle Hospital with state-of-the-art medical equipment.

Vital Sign Monitors + Portable Stands

This device helps to confirm an individual's health condition by providing data related to their vital organs. The device, which may seem very simple, is of paramount importance in monitoring a person.


Phototherapy Lamp for the Birth Unit

Knowing that their child is being treated with phototherapy lamps from the first signs of newborn jaundice is very reassuring for the parents. Moreover, it helps to reduce hospitalization time. This allows both mother and child to go home faster.


Download our Financial Statement for December 31, 2017.

Download our Financial Statement for December 31, 2016.