Our Achievements

Over the years, the Foundation has contributed several million dollars to the purchase of medical equipment. Thanks to the continued generosity of multiple donors, both through donations and by participating in activities, the Foundation is able to provide the LaSalle Hospital with state-of-the-art medical equipment.

Mr. Kamel Sadeddine

Many thanks to the LaSalle Hospital Foundation for its financial support in the acquisition of four patient lifts—an essential device that helps people with reduced mobility or loss of autonomy to safely access and leave the bathtub or the bed.

On behalf of my directorate and the families, thank you.

Monsieur Kamel Sadeddine
Chef d'unité en hébergement, Programme SAPA

Mrs. Renée Bougie

The recent acquisition of phototherapy lamps at the Birth Unit has made it possible to minimize jaundice in babies, perform phototherapy in the room, with the mother and her baby, and shorten their hospital stay.

Madame Renée Bougie
Chef, continuum naissance

Ms. Marie-Anne Richer

The first-rate care I received at LaSalle Hospital saved my life when I had C. Difficile. I go back to LaSalle Hospital and each time I consider myself very well cared for.

I donate every year to the Hospital Foundation because I choose to give to my community and I am confident that the Foundation will make good use of my donation to maintain and improve the care of the Hospital’s users.

Madame Marie-Anne Richer
Résidente de LaSalle

Vital Sign Monitors + Portable Stands

This device helps to confirm an individual's health condition by providing data related to their vital organs. The device, which may seem very simple, is of paramount importance in monitoring a person.




Phototherapy Lamp for the Birth Unit

Knowing that their child is being treated with phototherapy lamps from the first signs of newborn jaundice is very reassuring for the parents. Moreover, it helps to reduce hospitalization time. This allows both mother and child to go home faster.

Dexcom G5

A "Dexcom G5" device used to record continuous blood glucose levels was acquired by the LaSalle Hospital Foundation.


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